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May 29, 2023
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About Alight Motion MOD APK

Alight Motion is a free downloadable app, but users can download Alight Motion MOD APK to unlock PRO features. Alight Motion PRO version offers users more effects, tools and features.

Alight Motion MOD APK Features

Alight Motion MOD APK offers the following features:

Cinematic Effects: Alight Motion Pro provides many options for adding cinematic effects to your videos. For example, it includes light sources, flicker, color grading, and more.

Customizable Text: Alight Motion Pro offers many customizable text styles to add text to your videos. You can animate, resize and change their color.

Keyframes: Alight Motion Pro lets you use keyframes to make your animations look smoother. This feature makes your animations look more natural.

Sound Effects: Alight Motion Pro provides many options for adding sound effects to your videos. This feature makes your videos more engaging and impressive.

Color Grading: Alight Motion Pro offers many options for editing the colors of your videos. This feature makes your videos look more professional and eye-catching.

Now let’s take a look at what the Aligth Motion app is.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a mobile application that allows users to create professional level animations and graphics.


Here’s a look at the features of Alight Motion:

  1. Multi-Layer Video Editing: Alight Motion offers the ability to combine multiple video layers and edit them with special effects, transitions and color edits.
  2. Visual Effects: Users can choose from the many effects and transition options available within the app. For example, they can adjust properties such as temperature, density, turbidity, distortion, and light sources.
  3. Image Stabilization: Users can also stabilize interlaced videos.
  4. Flicker Reduction: This feature can be used to correct flickering images.
  5. Free Experimental Features: Users have many features and effects options that they can use for free to try within the app.

Creating Animation

Alight Motion offers many features and tools that allow users to create 2D animations. Some of these features are:

Animated Typography: Users can convert text into animated typography in motion.

Drawing Tools: Alight Motion allows users to draw directly within the app. Users can work with tools such as pens, brushes, and drawing tools.

Keyframes: Users can use keyframes to show different stages of their animation. This allows the animation to take on a more natural look.

Customizable Effects: Users can add special effects to their animations. For example, they can add effects such as light sources, shadows, and distortions.

Animated Vectors: Users can animate vector files. This allows users to be more free and flexible when working with vector graphics.

Layer Management: Alight Motion has a layer-based interface, which allows users to easily manage different elements in their animations. Users can edit each layer of their animation separately.

Video Editing: Alight Motion also offers video editing functionality. Users can trim their videos, add filters and even add music.

Sound Editing: Users can add special sound effects to their animations. They can also trim, merge, and make other edits to audio files.

Animated Text: Alight Motion allows users to add animated text in their animations. Users can synchronize their text with other elements of the animation and control the movement of the texts later in the animation.


Alight Motion MOD APK provides more features than the free version. You can safely download Alight PRO APK version from the download link on this page.

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