AeroWitter - Twitter MOD APK


AeroWitter - Twitter MOD APK

We would like to introduce you to a great application developed by Hazar Bozkurt. This application name is AeroWitter. This app is a MOD version of the original Twitter app with other features. AeroWitter is a new application as the application is published by Hazar Bozkurt today.

We think this new application will surprise Twitter users a lot. Since AeroWitter is new, its MOD features are limited now. But many other features are expected to be added shortly.

In this article called AeroWitter - Twitter MOD APK, we present you the current features of the AeroWitter application.

Changes in AeroWitter Latest Version v01:

Added: Option to hide view fleet! Fleet owners will never know that you are viewed their fleet.

Added: Option to hide typing animation! The people you are chatting to will never know if you are typing a message.

Added: Option to hide read the messages! The people you are chatting to will not know if their messages have been read, but you can know if the messages you've sent have been read.

Added: Option to remove events in explore tab. You can remove images and text of boring banners / events in the explore tab.

How to install AeroWitter?

Since there is no clone version of AeroWitter yet, you need to remove the original Twitter from your phone.

Then click the Download Page button at the bottom of this page and click the Download button on the next page and download the APK file.

After downloading, click on the APK file and install the application.

That's all you will do ... You can enjoy the features of the application.


App NameAeroWitter
App Size / File Type70.1mb / APK
Operrating SystemAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv01
Updated On16-March-2021
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt