Download WhatsApp Aero v9.35


Download WhatsApp Aero v9.35

Download WhatsApp Aero

Today, we see that there are many modified applications coming one after another in the market.

There are mstly modified versions of all apps, including WhatsApp Messenger. There is a WhatsApp Aero app that keeps everyone busy in many different WhatsApp MOD market.

If you are one of those who like to experiment with different things like themes and colors, you should try this application. This app is equipped with a variety of themes and customization options that will only be available to you to make your app look more attractive and interesting.

We'll find functions similar to those of other MODs but with an original aesthetic touch. To start off, the interface has undergone major changes, therefore, it's one of the best options for anyone who wants to get their hands on a different kind of WhatsApp.

These are the main features and functions of this app, which are also similar to those of other developments of the same nature:

Some features of the WhatsApp Aero:

- You can change the colors of the interface or the size of the fonts as you wish.

- You can send large audio and video files.

- You can see messages deleted from everyone.

- You can download or send original quality photos.

- You can download situations.

- You can see the people who are online.

- You can check the connection times and status from the chat screen.

- You can install different themes.

- You can freeze your last see.

- When you read the message, you can hide blue ticks for individuals and group.

- You can decide who can call you.

- You can hide that you're looking at situations.

- When writing a message, you can hide typing in people and group.

- You can get WhatsApp in airplane mode.

- You can hide the conversations of the person you want.

Changelog for Latest Version WhatsApp Aero v9.30 and v9.35:


- Added: Custom double tap emoji for every chat (Chat screen 》 3-dots 》 Reaction emoji).

- Added: Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy.

- Added option to disable double tap to reaction (Aero Privileges 》 Conversation Screen 》 Bubble And Ticks 》 Disable double tap reaction).

- Added: Admin indicator in groups.

- Added: Custom background color for text status.

- Added: Custom text color for text status.

- Added: New way to show updates (BETA).

- Fixed: Top bar disappearing in stock UI.

- Fixed: Voice/Video icon color in calls screen.

- Fixed: Some Turkish translation spellings.

- Fixed: Some Arabic translation spellings.

- Improved: "Who can call me" settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to "Everyone".

- Improved: Show "Chats" instead of "WhatsApp" in one ui header.

- Misc: Many other fixes and improvements


- Base updated to

- Added call rejection type options (Calls screen 》 3-dots 》 Who can call me? 》 Action).

- Added "No internet (stays "Calling")" option for call rejection types.

- Added double tap to like/reaction a message!

- Added select emoji option for double tap to like/reaction (Aero Privileges 》 Conversation Screen 》 More options 》 Select emoji for double tap to react).

- Added "Direct contact link" option for chats (Chat 》 3-dots 》 Direct contact link).

- Allows you to share any whatsapp contact quickly, without sending your saved details.

- Added confirm before sending status (image/video) option (Aero Privileges 》 Home Screen 》 Confirm before sending a status).

- Added "Chat Backup" button to crash page.

- Added more in-chat translate languages: "Vietnamese", "Tamil", "Urdu", "Gujarati", "Punjabi", "Bengali"

- Added ability to set "Search web" or use "Emoji & stickers" for profile photo.

- Improved: Start moving to WhatsApp new folder location.

- Improved: Aero Privileges settings translation.

- Enabled: Privacy "My contacts except..." feature.

- Enabled: Send any emoji as reactions. Click "+" icon.

- Enabled: Listen to voice note after chat exit in background.

- Misc: Aero Themes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location.

- Misc: Aero Themes folder moved to /Download/Aero Themes.

- Misc: Now WhatsApp Aero can be installed on top of other mods directly.

- Misc: Improved Anti-Ban.

- Misc: Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot.

- Important Note:

Reactions to message will mark as read (if hide blue tick is enabled). No need to reply after to make blue tick!

How to Install WhatsApp Aero?

- Backup your WhatsApp messages first

- Then uninstall WhatsApp downloaded from Play Market (if you download the com.wa one)

- Click the Download button at the bottom of this page and choose one of the versions on the next page. (com.wa (replaces original WhatsApp), Then click on it.

- Download the WhatsApp Aero APK file to your phone

- Click on the file named WhatsApp Aero APK downloaded and install

- If you are asked for permission from unknown sources while installing the application, Allow

- You can restore your messages while signing up (this is only possible if you download com.wa)

- Congratulations, your WhatsApp Aero is ready

- You can now enjoy all the features of the application.