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FM WhatsApp 2 is WhatsApp mod. It has the same features as FM WhatsApp. Only the installation packages are different.
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February 1, 2024
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In this article, we will talk about the FM WhatsApp-2 application in detail. People use various Apps but you can call WhatsApp the king of communication. It allows you to stay ultra private during any type of messaging. But by human nature we want more. That’s why the developers created MOD apps of WhatsApp.

One of these applications is FM WhatsApp-2. The application has exactly the same features as Fouad WhatsApp. The only differences are their names and packages. For example, this application was developed to use with your 3rd phone number.

Thanks to this application developed by Fouad Moktad, you will have many different features. This WhatsApp MOD app provides freedom of customization allowing you to customize it to your liking.

FM WhatsApp-2 Features

This app offers many advanced features and benefits:

1. Privacy and Security Controls

FM WhatsApp 2 gives users more control over privacy and security settings. For example, it offers options such as hiding last seen, hiding online status, and disabling read receipts. This allows users to better adapt to their privacy preferences.

2. Customization Options

It gives users the option to customize the app theme, chat background, icons and more. This allows users to customize the appearance of WhatsApp to their liking.

3. File Sharing and Size Limitations

It offers features that allow larger file sizes to be shared. Going beyond the size limitations set in the original WhatsApp, users can easily share larger files.

4. Communication and Call Controls

It gives users greater communication and calling control. For example, it offers the option to block or mute certain contacts. In this way, you can limit communication with unwanted people or block annoying calls.

Using FM WhatsApp-2

The application is very simple to use. Here are the steps:

1. Download and Install FM WhatsApp-2

Download and install FM WhatsApp 2 from a trusted source like FireAndroid. Open the application and complete the necessary verification steps by registering your phone number.

2. Customize Settings

After opening the app, customize the settings according to your preferences. Change the app theme, set the chat background, customize the notification sounds and configure other features according to your user preferences.

3. Configure Privacy and Security Settings

Provides more control over privacy and security settings. Set your privacy preferences using settings such as blocking unwanted calls, hiding last seen or hiding online status.

4. Explore Customization Options

Explore the customization options the app offers. Customize app theme, chat background, icons and more. Get a more unique look by customizing the WhatsApp experience to your liking.

5. Use Communication and Search Controls

It provides more control by offering communication and calling controls. Manage your communication experience using options such as blocking, muting specific contacts, or setting custom notifications.


FM WhatsApp-2 is a WhatsApp mod that offers advanced features and the possibility to customize the user experience. It allows users to better manage the WhatsApp experience, with features such as privacy and security controls, customization options, file sharing and communication controls. When using the application, it is important to prioritize your security by downloading the application from reliable sources and protecting your personal data.

What's new

FM WhatsApp-2 v9.98:

Added more Anti-ban protection
Fix issue of 1 hour ban for some users.

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