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Download GB WhatsApp PRO APK file, you will have the 2nd most famous WhatsApp mod app in the world.
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February 16, 2024
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Download GB WhatsApp PRO APK file, you will have the 2nd most famous WhatsApp mod app in the world. GB WhatsApp is a different mod version of official WhatsApp with additional features added.

If you want to download it now, click the DOWNLOAD button above and download the GB WhatsApp PRO.

Read on if you want to know some information about the features and implementation of this app also known as GBWA PRO.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a customized version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. This version offers users more customization options and advanced features. GB WhatsApp Pro allows users to customize their WhatsApp experience and gain more control.

GB WhatsApp PRO: Features and Usage Guide

Advanced Privacy Controls

It allows users to further customize their privacy settings. Users can hide their last seen status, hide their online status, disable blue ticks, and more.

Theme Customizations

This special version of WhatsApp offers users many theme options. Users can choose the theme they want, customize the background and chat bubbles, change fonts, and more.

File Sharing

It offers other WhatsApp users more flexibility when sharing files. Users can use compression options or limit file types to send larger files. This gives users more control and makes file sharing easier.

Message Planning

With its message scheduling feature, it offers users the opportunity to send messages with a future date. Users can set a specific date and time for birthday messages, reminders or important messages. This feature gives users better timing control and makes their communication more efficient.

GB WhatsApp PRO APK download instruction:

– First of all, back up your whatsapp messages

– Click the Download button at the bottom of this page

– Download GB WhatsApp PRO APK file to your phone

– Click on the file you downloaded and install it

– If permission from unknown sources is requested when installing the application, Allow

– Congratulations your GBWA PRO is ready

– You can now enjoy all the features of the application.

How to Use GBWA PRO?

  1. To use GBWA PRO, you can follow the steps below:
  2. Open the app.
  3. Sign in using your existing WhatsApp account or create a new account.
  4. Configure privacy options by going to Settings. GBWA PRO provides more options in privacy settings, so you can adjust your privacy preferences according to your needs.
  5. For theme customizations, go to “Theme” in Settings and select the theme you want. You can customize the background, chat bubbles, and fonts.
  6. To share files, open a chat window and select the file you want to attach. GBWA PRO offers compression options to send larger files or you can limit certain file types.
  7. To use the message scheduling feature, open a chat window and type the message you want to send. Use the time and date options to specify the sending time.
  8. Browse through Settings to explore other advanced features of GBWA PRO and configure it according to your needs.

You can use GBWA PRO by following these steps. However, I still recommend using the official WhatsApp application, as modified applications may carry security risks. The official WhatsApp app provides the most up-to-date and reliable experience in security, data privacy and access to the latest features.

As a result, GB WhatsApp Pro may be particularly appealing to users looking for customization and advanced features. However, the use of modified apps such as GBWA PRO is against official WhatsApp policies and carries risks. Using such apps may result in suspension or permanent closure of your WhatsApp account. In addition, vulnerabilities and data security issues can occur.

Therefore, in general, I recommend using the official WhatsApp application. The official WhatsApp application provides users with a secure and up-to-date communication experience. By following the updates of the official WhatsApp application, you can take advantage of new features and communicate securely.

What's new

Base Update:
Improved Anti-Ban Protection
Improved Update Hide Blue Ticks Code
Improved Unlimited Open For View Once Media
Improved Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1hr Ban
Fixed Anti View Once Media Deleted Issue
Fixed Blue Ticks Showing When Privacy Is Enabled
Misc Remove "Audio" From Custom Download Due To Conflict With Voice Notes
Misc Other Fixes And Improvements.

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