PGSharp APK modifies GPS locations to manipulate Pokemon Go gameplay.
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February 6, 2024
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Pokemon Go is a popular mobile game played by millions of people around the world. However, the highly competitive environment of the game may encourage some players to resort to cheats that will allow them to progress faster in the game. For this purpose, some Pokemon Go players are trying to manipulate the game by using GPS cheat applications such as PGSharp APK.

What is PGSharp APK?

PGSharp is a Pokemon Go GPS cheating app. This app is a service for Pokemon Go game players and allows players to capture Pokemon from different regions around the world by manipulating their GPS location.

How Works This App

PGSharp modifies GPS locations to manipulate Pokemon Go gameplay. After installing the PGSharp, players can travel to different regions within the game. In this way, they can catch Pokemon from different countries. In addition, players can participate in other activities within the game.

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Is PGSharp APK Safe?

The use of PGSharp is prohibited by Pokemon Go developers. There is a risk that users’ accounts will be suspended, permanently disabled. In addition, such cheating practices can prevent players from working properly, disrupting the experience of other players who need to play the game. This is why the use of cheat apps like PGSharp is not welcome by the Pokemon Go community.


PGSharp APK is a GPS cheating app used to manipulate the game Pokemon Go. However, using such apps risks getting players’ accounts banned or permanently shut down. In addition, such cheating practices can prevent the game from working properly and spoil the experience of other players. Therefore, players who play Pokemon Go are advised to play the game fairly and not resort to cheats.

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