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February 16, 2024
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In this article called Download WhatsApp Plus, I will tell you how to download this application, how to install it, and the features of the application. The number of users of WhatsApp Messenger is increasing day by day (from now on WhatsApp).

In the Play Market, the number of downloads is over 5 billion and the number of active users is over 2 million. WhatsApp is the most indispensable application in our daily life and it helps us a lot.

I can easily say that WhatsApp is safer and faster than other messaging applications. But apart from that, there are also mod apps that add different features to WhatsApp.

Among these mod applications, I can show GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp as an example. WhatsApp Plus is one of them. You don’t have to be specially trained to download WhatsApp Plus. To download the application, you can download whatsapp plus apk using the Download button above.

But my advice to you is, if you are download WhatsApp Plus for the first time, read the instructions before proceeding with the download. Thanks to the instructions, you will be able to download WhatsApp Plus easily.

Instructions for download WhatsApp Plus:

1. First of all, your phone must have Android operating system.

2. Required Android version 5.1 and above.

3. Uninstall official WhatsApp from your phone (Warning: all your messages will be deleted). If you want WhatsApp for your second phone number without removing the official WhastApp, we recommend you GB WhatsApp.

4. Your phone must have at least 150 MB of free memory.

5. Click the Download button at the top of the page and go to the ‘download page’ (if the ad comes up, tap the back button and click the button again to dismiss the ad).

6. Tap Download button on download page and download whatsapp plus apk.

7. After download whatsapp plus apk click on it and install it.

8. If asked for permission from Unknown Sources at installation time, unzip it and tap the back button (so the installation will continue).

9. If the installation is complete, now WhatsApp Plus is ready.

10. You can use all its features by registering now.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp has many mod apps. If you google it you can find them. The most famous of them is WhatsApp Plus. Do you know why it’s famous? Because it is the old WhatsApp mod app.

In the years when WhatsApp Plus was first created, the most popular feature was the ‘who viewed my profile’ feature. Many users were downloading this app just because of this feature.

After a few years, this feature was forcibly removed as it did not comply with WhatsApp Messenger’s Privacy Policy. After this feature was removed, many users removed WhatsApp Plus from their phones.

But in recent years it has started to come up again. WhatsApp Plus now has enough users. The reason why users prefer WhatsApp Plus is that they have additional features. Yes, that makes them cool.

For example, he hides his last seen and no one knows he is online. Or he hides the blue tick and no one knows he read the message. And there are many different features like this.

WhatsApp Plus was first created in 2012 by spanish developer Rafalete. Later, other mods began to be created. The current developer of WhatsApp Plus is russian developer Alex.

He named his developer team Alex Mods. Apart from WhatsApp Plus, Alex Mods also develops GB WhatsApp and OG WhatsApp. If you wish, you can download one of these applications instead of WhatsApp Plus.

Or you can use it for a second number. There is no difference in terms of features. Only their names and packages are different. You can be sure that you will like WhatsApp Plus very much. I say this as an 8-year WhatsApp Plus user.

I also want to tell you that all the mods on the market have almost the same features. Let’s take a look at the features before download WhatsApp Plus.

How to use WhatsApp Plus? (brief information)

WhatsApp Plus is very easy to use. First of all, I have to say that if your phone is in that language, WhatsApp Plus will automatically be in that language. But I want you to know that in some languages, some words may remain in English.

You can easily understand what these words mean with google translate. WhatsApp Plus also includes official WhatsApp settings. Use these settings as in official WhatsApp. There is no difference.

The interface of the features may differ depending on the phone model, and some features may not work. You can see the WhatsApp Plus settings by touching the three dots at the top right of the interface (first setting).

It is the most used privacy settings among users. If you hide the blue tick and the second tick in the privacy settings, your messages may be delayed. If you have such a problem, you can be sure that’s why. From the privacy settings, you can control the last seen, who can call you, hide your view of the status, see deleted messages and many other settings.

Then I want to tell you about themes. Installing themes is pretty easy. Like any theme by going to the themes section. Then click the Install button on the right side of the theme you like and install your theme.

When you come to the Universal settings, you can change the color of the text, interface, background, status bar and such features from there.

In the Home Screen settings, you can adjust the layout and color of the interface, online notification, status notification, the FAB button on the bottom right of the interface and many more settings according to your taste.

In the Chats screen settings, you can manage the proximity sensor, sound source, picture, appearance of ticks and more.

Anti Ban:

The anti ban feature has been developed to prevent WhatsApp company from banning our account. Although it’s not a problem for now, I want you to know that try to use as little privacy settings as you can.

Because Meta company sometimes bans people who use mod apps for a few hours, a few days or forever. If you are banned forever, you will not be able to open a WhatsApp account with your number again.

According to my research, the most banned accounts are those that use privacy settings frequently. If one day you see that your account has been banned, immediately uninstall WhatsApp Plus and download official WhatsApp.

After about 1-2 weeks, download and continue using WhatsApp Plus again. So you can avoid being banned. Do the same if you get banned again in the future.

How to update?

Don’t be alarmed when WhatsApp Plus gets an update. Because you can use the application for about 1-2 more weeks.

When you receive an update notification, visit this page again after a few hours or a day and read the title of the page to see if there is a new version (for example: your version is 15.00, but now it says 16.00, it means the site has been updated.

If it is the same version as yours, it has not been updated. Come and check again at another time). If you don’t know your own version, you can find out by going to WhatsApp Plus settings / About.

Download new version whatsapp plus from Download button as you used to download. After downloading, install the new version without removing the old version.

Thus, your messages and other information will not be lost. You can always learn about the changes in the new version from this page.

What's new

Base Update:
Improved Anti-Ban Protection
Improved Update Hide Blue Ticks Code
Improved Unlimited Open For View Once Media
Improved Anti-Ban For People Who Are Getting Repeat 1hr Ban
Fixed Anti View Once Media Deleted Issue
Fixed Blue Ticks Showing When Privacy Is Enabled
Misc Remove "Audio" From Custom Download Due To Conflict With Voice Notes
Misc Other Fixes And Improvements.

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