YouTube Gold

YouTube Gold is an Android app that customizes YouTube as users prefer and offers some premium features.
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November 21, 2023
YouTube Gold: 68.4 MB; microG: 10.8 MB
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You can download the YouTube Gold application from our website for free.

What is YouTube Gold?

YouTube Gold is an Android app that customizes YouTube as users prefer and offers some premium features. This app is an alternative to the YouTube app available in the Play Store.

You can also browse another application, YouTube Vanced, such as YouTube Gold, on our site.

The application appeals to users who want to have a better experience on YouTube. With premium features, users can upload videos faster, play in the background and download videos.

How Does YouTube Gold Work?

YouTube Gold can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. The app provides users with an interface that customizes YouTube as users prefer.

The premium features of the app include video downloading, background playback, auto-adjusting video quality, fast loading videos and many more. These features help users have a better YouTube experience.

What are the Advantages of this application?

YouTube Gold offers premium features as an alternative to the YouTube app available on the Play Store. Here are some advantages:

Video download: Allows users to download YouTube videos. In this way, they can watch the videos whenever they want without being connected to the internet connection.

Background play: The app offers the ability to play YouTube videos in the background. In this way, users can listen to YouTube videos even while doing other work on their phones.

Fast loading: Makes videos load faster. In this way, users do not have to wait to watch the video.

Automatic video quality adjustment: The application automatically adjusts the video quality according to users’ internet connections. In this way, users can watch videos in higher quality.

Customizable interface: Provides a customizable interface that allows users to customize YouTube.

All in all it is an alternative to the YouTube app. This application, which improves the YouTube experience of users by offering premium features, offers features such as video download, background playback, fast loading and automatic video quality adjustment.

Users can have a better YouTube experience by downloading the App. However, since the app is not available in the Play Store, it is recommended to be careful about security. For this reason, we recommend that you download the application from our site called

Also, use of the app may be against YouTube’s terms of use. Therefore, it is important for users to evaluate the application carefully before using it and use it in accordance with the law.

How to download YouTube Gold?

  1. YouTube Gold is only compatible with Android devices
  2. In order for the application to work, you also need to install a plug-in called microG.
  3. To download the app and the plugin, click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button at the top of the page and download both on the download page.
  4. After downloading, first tap on the microG plugin and start the installation.
  5. After the plugin is installed, tap on the APK file of the YouTube Gold app and install it.
  6. If asked for permission from Unknown Sources at the time of installations, grant it.
  7. If everything went well, you can now enjoy the app!

What is MicroG?

YouTube Gold is a third-party app and needs a plugin called MicroG to use it. MicroG provides some of the Google services required for YouTube Gold to interact with the Google account.

MicroG provides an alternative solution to Google services such as Google Play Services and Google Play Store. That’s why MicroG helps run apps that don’t need Google services on Android devices.

YouTube Gold app provides customization options and adds some additional features to YouTube. These features include ad blocking, background video playback, and autoplay of playlists. YouTube Gold also offers different theme options such as black theme.

MicroG is required for the app to integrate with the Google account and must be activated while using the app. However, MicroG also offers an alternative for those who do not want to use Google services.

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