What is OBB file? How is it installed?

In today’s article, we will try to explain the answer to the question ‘What is OBB file’.

What is OBB file?

OBB files are used in addition to APK files of Android apps, and these files are often used in games. Application data such as large media files, graphics, sounds or levels can be stored in OBB files. This improves app performance by reducing the size of the app’s APK file and speeding up app loading time.

OBB files are mounted in a special file system located on the Android device of the application package. The application can access and use these files normally. OBB files are created with the tool called “APK Expansion Files” included in the Android SDK. This tool simplifies the creation of OBB files and accessing the application package.

All in all, OBB files are a mechanism that allows large-size data to be stored and used, and are used mainly by game developers. These files improve application performance by reducing application loading time.

How to install OBB file?

OBB files are used in addition to APK files of Android apps and are often used in games. You can follow the steps below to install the OBB file:

First, download the OBB file. The file can usually be in a ZIP or RAR archive.

After downloading the OBB file, you may need to use an archive program to extract the file. On your Android device, you can install an archive program such as “RAR” or “WinZip“, which is a free archive program that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Once extracted, you need to place the OBB file in the right place. Where you need to place the OBB file is located at: /sdcard/Android/obb/application_name/obb_file. Where “application_name” is the package name of the application and “obb_file” is the name of the OBB file.

After you put the OBB file in the right place, you can open the app and use the data in the OBB file.

For example, if you want to install the OBB file for PUBG Mobile game, you can follow the steps below:

Download and extract the OBB file.

Extract the OBB file using an archive program such as “RAR” or “WinZip”.

Once extracted, place the OBB file in “main.14350.com.tencent.ig.obb” at /sdcard/Android/obb/com.tencent.ig/.

Open PUBG Mobile game and you can use the data from the OBB file.

In conclusion, to install the OBB file, you first need to download the file, extract it and place it in the right place. By following these steps, you can easily install the OBB file on your Android device.

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