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WhatsApp MOD APK apps are apps with different features than Official WhatsApp.
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Varies with app
Varies with app
Varies with app
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We all know that there are MOD APK versions of WhatsApp app. However, there is no app called WhatsApp MOD APK. Therefore, in this article, we will list all mod versions of WhatsApp.

If you are ready, let’s start with the question of what is MOD APK first…

What is WhatsApp MOD APK?

The word MOD APK is not just a word for WhatsApp mods. Almost all apps and games can have MOD versions. MOD means a version of an app or game that has been modified with additional features added, some features removed, or paid features unlocked.

In addition to WhatsApp’s own features, different features have been added in WhatsApp MOD APK. Some of the users prefer WhatsApp MOD applications exactly for this reason. These different features provide users with a more advanced experience.

In this article, we will present you the most used and most reliable applications among these MOD applications. First of all, I want to compile the features available in all MOD APK applications.

WhatsApp MOD APK Features:

There are many features of these mods and I cannot write them all here. For this reason, I am writing some of the prominent features below.

  • Hide chats
  • Hide last seen
  • Hide blue tick and delivery tick
  • Change theme
  • Change voice
  • Change interface
  • Put on airplane mode
  • Write auto reply
  • Schedule message

Best WhatsApp MOD APK Apps:

Let’s start to review WhatsApp MOD APK applications. You can go to the download page by clicking on the name of the mod you like.

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is almost one of the most used and oldest MOD apps. This application was developed for the first time by the Spanish developer Rafalete. Later and until now, it is being developed by the Russian developer Alex.

GB WhatsApp PRO

GB WhatsApp PRO is one of the oldest mods just like Plus. The developer of this mod is Alex. Most of the users use this mode for second WhatsApp numbers. Because if your phone has Official WhatsApp application, Plus will not be installed on your phone, but GBWA PRO will be installed.

OG WhatsApp PRO

This mod can be used on the same phone as Official WhatsApp, just like the previous mod. The developer of this mod is Alex. Since these first 3 applications I mentioned were developed by the same developer, their versions are always the same.

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is developed by an Indian developer, Fouad Moktad. This developer also has WhatsApp MOD APK apps in different packages like Alex. I will list them below as well. WhatsApp mods developed by Fouad Moktad are updated before all mods. If you want updates to come faster, you can download one of this developer’s mods.

FM WhatsApp

This app is owned by Fouad Moktad, as I just mentioned. The difference between FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp is the difference in the installation package. That is, Fouad WhatsApp cannot be installed on the same phone as Official WhatsApp. But FM WhatsApp can be installed.

FM WhatsApp-2

This mod is the 2nd package of the previous mod. What is this for? For example, let’s say you have 3 phone numbers and you need a separate WhatsApp application for each. At this time, you can download FM WhatsApp-2 for your 1st Fouad WhatsApp, 2nd FM WhatsApp and your 3rd phone number 🙂

YO WhatsApp

YO WhatsApp is almost as famous as the mod apps listed above. This app was previously developed by Yousef Al Basha. Later, YO left the development of WhatsApp to Fouad Moktad. Click on YO WhatsApp for more information or to download the app

WhatsApp Aero

Many of you may be familiar with WhatsApp Aero. This application is being developed by Turkish developer Hazar Bozkurt. This mod, which has enough users, has its own features. For more detailed information, please click on the application name.

JT WhatsApp

This application is a WhatsApp mod with different features such as the WhatsApp MOD APK applications above. The application is developed by JiMTECHs. The application has two different installation packages. If you want to install the com.wa package you will see in the download button, Uninstall Official WhatsApp. You can use the com.jtwhatsapp installation package on the same phone as Official WhatsApp (with different phone numbers of course).

NS WhatsApp 3D

NS WhatsApp 3D is a mod application developed by Nairton Silva. This application has 4 different installation packages and each package has its own color. Colors include blue, orange, red and green. Click on NS WhatsApp 3D if you want to check it out and go to the download page.

Blue WhatsApp

This application is also a blue-colored mode WhatsApp application, like WhatsApp Plus. The application has enough users. Click on Blue WhatsApp to download this application with different features or to learn more.

WhatsApp Gold

As with other WhatsApp MOD APK applications, this application also has different features. The application has 4 different color choices. You can download the color you want.


WhatsApp MOD APK apps are apps with different features than Official WhatsApp. You should be careful while using these applications. Take care to download only from safe sites such as Because some malicious sites may add viruses to APK files.

MOD applications on the site are downloaded directly from the place shared by its developer and thus added to the site.

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