How to Win Ludo: Expert Strategies and Tips



Ludo is a well-accepted and enjoyable board game that has taken the online gaming field by storm. The game is based on luck and strategy. The rolling of the dice and the number rolled is luck when played over a physical board, but when played online, it is based on algorithms. However, luck and algorithms stop playing a part after this point. The game’s outcome is determined by how you decide to move the tokens. For instance, suppose you have rolled a six, and three of your tokens haven’t come out yet. You can choose to take one token out, or you can decide to move the token that’s already out to the safe zone or closer to the home base. Your decisions and moves play a significant role in changing the game’s outcome. There’s a lot at stake when you play Ludo online money by partaking in cash contests and tournaments. Losing means incurring a loss and winning means adding to your monthly income. It also means staying ahead of the competition and gaining bragging rights. During such intense matches, when you have a lot to lose or win, having a solid plan or strategy is the best option. Relying on luck won’t take you far in a skill-based, strategy-oriented game like Ludo. So, here is a lowdown on expert strategies and tips that will help you remain long in the game and give your opponents a run for their money.

Focus on the Opening Moves

The opening moves are important as they help set the tone for the entire match. It would help if you moved the tokens out of the starting area as efficiently and quickly as possible to have an early competitive edge over the opponents. If you roll consecutive sixes in the first few

turns, bringing as many tokens out of the starting area would be a viable decision. Prioritizing getting more tokens onto the board means having more movement options in your future turns.

Group the Tokens

Enjoy safety in numbers by grouping your tokens together. You can decrease the chances of a single token getting captured and sent back to the starting point by placing multiple tokens close to each other. This is a smart strategy that can help build a blockage to hinder the progress of your opponents.

Target Opponents’ Vulnerable Tokens

Playing Ludo means paying attention to your tokens and your opponents’ tokens. Follow their progression and target the tokens that are struggling or nearing the home base. If you roll a favorable number on the dice, knock back your opponent’s token nearing home base. Or you can capture the token that is already struggling to keep up. Blocking or weakening your opponent’s tokens can increase your chances of success, and this is a known tactic. So, always stay alert and focus on everything that’s happening on the board.

Use the Safe Zones

Within the Ludo board, you will find starred squares that are safe zones. Your tokens are safe from the opponent’s attacks whenever they enter these areas. If your token is on any one of the safe zones in the board, it cannot be captured and knocked back by the opponent. Hence, you must strategically use these safe zones to have some breathing room during an intense match. If you have a token close to the home base, use the safe zone to protect it from the opponent’s claw.

Play with Multiple Tokens at Once

Juggling multiple tokens simultaneously is one of the best strategies to win a Ludo match and score the highest. When multiple pieces are at play, you must evenly spread them across the board. This will give you a competitive edge by enhancing the overall flexibility of your moves.

Avoid Rush Moves

Rushed movements that are unplanned and sudden must be avoided. You must move your tokens carefully and cautiously across the board to be the first to reach the home base. In between this quest, you must create obstacles along the way and capture your opponent’s tokens. This will help impede your opponent’s progress and give you enough time to escape their clutches. Hence, every move must be strategically planned and aimed toward the endgame. Before making any move, consider the outcome of the movement and ensure that each activity maximizes your chances of winning. For instance, playing online, time-based Ludo matches means you have limited time and limited moves to score the highest. Hence, the strategy must be to win as many bonus points as possible so your score is higher than the opponent’s when the timer stops.

Always Have a Positive Attitude

Masters of the Ludo game know that failure and success are part of the experience. Hence, you must always have a positive attitude and focus on learning from your mistakes instead of sulking because you don’t have the highest score. If you have a positive attitude, you won’t be swayed to make hasty moves because you are frustrated. You can quickly adapt your moves, no matter what the match throws at you.

The Bottom Line

So, these are some expert strategies to help you improve your Ludo gameplay and augment your chances of winning. You can play several practice matches before engaging in heated competition to become a formidable Ludo player. Additionally, you can observe the opponent’s gameplay or join forums to learn more Ludp tips. All the best!

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