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YouTube Plus is a video watching application specially developed for Android devices.
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Varies with app
Varies with app
Varies with app
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YouTube Plus is a video watching application specially developed for Android devices. This app removes many of the limitations of YouTube’s official app while providing extra features and customization options. Another name of this application is YouTube++.

How to Download YouTube Plus?

Unfortunately, the development of this application has now been discontinued. But don’t worry. Because, there are many applications that are alternatives to this application. Among these applications are applications such as YouTube Vanced. You can see all the applications that are alternatives to YouTube Plus in the download button. We write the benefits of these applications below.

Ad-Free Experience

One of the most distinctive features of YouTube Plus is that it offers an ad-free experience. You will no longer have to face ads while watching videos. This provides an uninterrupted video viewing experience and lets you enjoy watching videos without getting stuck in between ads.

Background Play and Screen Off

YouTube Plus is an ideal option for those who want to listen to music in the background or listen to videos with audio only. The app lets you play videos in the background so you can listen to video content even while using other apps or when your device screen is off.

Dark Mode and Theme Customization

Another advantage YouTube++ offers is its dark mode and theme customization options. The application allows users to customize the interface as they wish. Users can set the background color, theme color and other visual properties as they wish.

How to Use YouTube++?

Since YouTube++ is not available at the moment, you should download one of the alternative applications. Since these applications are not available in the Google Play Store, you can download alternative applications to YouTube++ APK from our site. Whichever application you like, click on the download button to go to the download page. Then you can install the APK file and open the app. Now you can use all the features of YouTube++!

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